People Going Somewhere LIVE

 The title track to Jon Patrick Walker's album People Going Somewhere featuring Josh Kaufman (guitar), Kirby Sybert (guitar), Rene Hart (bass), Ray Rizzo (drums), and Brad Simmons (keys). Filmed live at the New York City's Rockwood Music Hall on March 7, 2016.


While I'm Away LIVE

On the album People Going Somewhere, featuring Josh Kaufman (guitar), Ray Rizzo (drums), Rene hart (bass), Kirby Sybert (guitar), and Brad Simmons (Keys, backing vocals). Filmed live at New York City's Rockwood Music Hall on March 7, 2016. 


 Oh, Rosie

On the album People Going Somewhere, featuring Jon Patrick Walker, Georgia Walker, Hope Davis, Mae Walker, Paul Romano, Manny Tsarnas, Slaney Rose Jordan, Mesta Hubbel, Matilda Margolis, Molly Rosenbloom, & Anna Lucci. Director, Adam Lerman. Cinematographer, Casey Stein. Gaffer, Sean Li & Min Yip. 


 House on a Hill

This was the first single from JP Walker's self-released debut LP, The Guilty Party(2013). It features JP as a tenant who is getting kicked out of his apartment for having a dog (played beautifully by JP's real-life animal companion, Jennie!).  The landlord is played to head-shaking perfection by JP's neighbor, Emanuel Tsarnas, and it was filmed by Andy Brown.  


Dinky Doughnuts

JP Walker's big break in a Dinky Doughnuts Cereal commercial in 1982. He nails it in one continues shot, it's fantastic! 


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