Critics react to the new album, "People Going Somewhere” :


"I love the natural energy that comes through the speakers; it’s just a sugary pop hit that I

can’t get out of my head." - Austin Town Hall


"Listening to these cuts, you can tell this man is making music because that's what he

loves to do. These songs are smart and focused, and we particularly love the vocals."

- Babysue


“Oh, Rosie is evocative of the end of innocence and is a bouncy pop rocker that the world

is better for.” – The Best Indie Songs


"People Going Somewhere, co-produced with Josh Kaufman(Josh Ritter, Craig Finn, Bob

Wier), is steeped in ’60s rock and folk — Beatles, Paul Simon, The Who, Harry Nilsson,

et cetera — but we can’t help hearing more than a bit of Mott The Hoople in the pianodriven

pop-rocker 'Oh Rosie.'" - The Big Takeover


“Hideous Monster,” combines folk with aspects of psychedelic rock. The song is an

exploration in finding who you are, and not caring about what others think.”

– Elmore Magazine


"“Hideous Monster” will put your ears at ease with its folk/rock blend that is both smooth

like Ron Sexsmith while having the edge of Ryan Adams." - The Fire Note


"“Oh, Rosie” is a wonderful piece of piano rock with some electronic garnish on the side."

- Magnet Magazine


"A return to the late 60s/early 70s for nu ears, kids now can feel like what it was to

discover Beatles on acid for the first time on this genre busting set." - Midwest Record


“ On "Hideous Monster," Walker inhabits a spare and blues-y landscape of decaying

buildings and reflective self assessment. The guitar spirals out into the cosmos on lines

that feel drawn from the darker corners of psych rock but which still allow for the

smallest bits of light to shine through." - Nooga